Programming in 1980: all hand crafted, optimised to perfection

Programming in 2021: JUST BUY MORE RAM LMAO


They are constantly trying to make you stupid. They don't want you to know how your computer works on a basic level so you can depend on their products and become their pet.

By constantly closing down hardware and software, you are less likely to want to learn how anything works. After all, why would you want to learn something challenging when what you're using "just works"?

My objective with this website is to enlighten your brain, motherfucker. To make you stop being painfully retarded and finally realize what big tech is doing to you. From making people dumber to spying on YOU. Yes, you that has "nothing to hide", you are currently being watched on, motherfucker. And you WILL care about it.

Anyways, you're currently on the index, here's a list of cool things you should check out.

Is this the bible of truth?

No, stupid.

It's always been up to you to believe what some randoms on the internet say. It being your news site, social media or those thousands of comments saying that something is fake (these comments are often made by bots)

While I will link resources to learn more and where I got my information from, you should always do even more reading, don't stay with some idiot's opinion or you'll be more of an idiot.